Mission Rescue Bethan!

To rescue Bethan from the seventh circle of hell she entered by starting a well meaning round robin email for recipe sharing, I have created this blog to allow those sucked into the recipe rabbit hole to share their recipe ideas, photos, best eating experiences or weird and wonderful ingredients and dishes. Just send me […]

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Feeds about 4 4 pork chops/ fat cut off Pint/ bottle of cider 150ml cider vinegar Oil About 12 shallots 3 tbls creme fresh Oven at 170c In a heavy ovenproof casserole brown the meat in oliver oil and salt and pepper. Add shallots and caramelise. Pop in the cider/ vinegar / bay leaf and […]

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Grillade des mariniers du Rhone

Here’s mine……   It breaks the original rules in that it isn’t quick – BUT it is VERY easy. It’s an old Elizabeth David recipe – Grillade des mariniers du Rhone   The story is that this is what the bargemen of the Rhone made on very basic cooking equipment; certainly the simplicity of this […]

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